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The company Oneprotec Europe Lda, was created in 2020 to meet the existing needs to combat the pandemic of COVID-19, having Iapmei as the main financial ally, through FEDER funds. The starting point are the prominent and extremely necessary needs, of individual protection through masks and other products as well as the sterilization of EPIS and hospital medical devices offering the market an innovative technology for sterilization through their ETO cells (Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer)


Oneprotect Europe Lda is certified by INFARMED under the No. 255/DM/2021/V01/2021 for the manufacture of medical devices. Meets European standards EN 14683:2019+AC2019 and implements the ISO 13485 for Medical Device Quality Management System.




• Ethylene oxide is a physical-chemical method, which uses gas to sterilize materials used in health care as an essential prevention to combating the spread of viruses. Its mechanism of action of this technology is the annihilation of proteins, acids nucleic acids, peptides, amino acids and cell enzymes microbial cells where the replacement of Hydrogen by alkyl radicals. These chemical radicals are present in various cellular components essential and non-essential, resulting in the death of microorganisms and sterilization of materials.


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